Thursday, June 2, 2011

How can I chnage my honda civic 1999 altarnator belt?

My 1999 honda civi's alternator belt make alot of noise. especially in the morning , when the engine is not warmedup. I got the new alternator belt. what should I know to change it. Is it difficult?How can I chnage my honda civic 1999 altarnator belt?Yes, it's a fair amount of work, especially for a novice, but it is doable. To change the belt, you likely will have to remove the A/C belt and possibly the power steering belt too. If you are to try this, you need to secure a service manual. The Haynes manuals are pretty good and would cover this sort of service well. You will need a good set of metric wrenches and a set of 1/4 drive and 3/8 drive metric sockets. I recommend you replace all 3 belts as the work to do so is more or less the same as the work to do one. be sure you reset the belt tension after the car's been run for an hour or so.

Your belts and hoses are old enough that they should all be replaced.

I'd also caution you to check on the timing belt's Replacement history. If your timing belt is original, you must replace this too. It is/was due at 100,000 miles. Replacing a timing belt is a difficult and detailed job. I would not advise doing this yourself. Failure to replace the timing belt can result in the destruction of your engine.

AstrobufHow can I chnage my honda civic 1999 altarnator belt?it is easy there is a blot by the alternator that loosens the belt loosen the belt and take it off and replace it. if you want to try and stop the noise until you replace the belt put some ivory soap on the belt while the car is running and making the noise and the noise will go away. if is doesn't one if the pulleys are making some noise good luck