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My wife's Eclipse needs a new alternator.?

I need to replace my wife's alternator on a 99 Eclipse 2.0L non-turbo. I've changed alternators on American cars before, but the Eclipse is confusing. I've pulled off the plate and looked at the belt and I can't figure out the best way to take it off. To make matters worse, it's only accessible from under the car. I need to know how to do it asap!My wife's Eclipse needs a new alternator.?put the car on ramps makes it a lot easier

How do you change a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee alternator?

how to take belt off without messing somthing upHow do you change a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee alternator?your going to need some socketsHow do you change a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee alternator?Make sure to disconnect the battery first and then take the pressure off of the tensior pulley and take the belt off, then there should be about 2 or 3 bolts holding it on as well, and there should be about 2 different wires going to the alternator, undo the wires first and then take the bolts out, then the alternator should come right out, when you are ready to put the new one on do the wires first and make sure you hook up the right ones, then bolt it back in loosen up the tensioner, put the belt back on ans make sure it is run right there should be a pic of it on the fan shroud and then tighten it back up, hook the battery back up and then crank it up and you should have no problemsHow do you change a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee alternator?do it from under the vehicle!

What do you think is up with the power steering?

before, the power steering kept slipping and making that screeching sound so we got the belt changed and it fixed it. but now...a few months after we changed the belt, the same problem is happening, but not nearly as much. keep in mind it happens way more often in cold weather. also when you hear the screeches, the headlights dim, which mean the alternator is slipping right? and if you turn the wheel all the way, sometimes the battery charge indicator light up.

what do you think is wrong? not enough power steering fluid? or does the belt need to be adjusted? what is it?

if it does need to be readjusted, how would i do that? do you know if it has a tensioner or if i'd have to adjust the position of the alternator to change the tension?

91' toyota previa

thanksWhat do you think is up with the power steering?new belts will stretch so you probably need to tighten the belt. Most of the time you need to loosen the alternator Use a pry bar to pull it tight and re tighten the bolts. the alternator is on a slide mount so this can be done What do you think is up with the power steering?sounds like the blt is slipping, try replacing the belt and if that dont work make sure you have enough tension on the belt itself.What do you think is up with the power steering?Usually when you hear that squealing, you need more fluid in your powersteering reservoir.

As far as the lights going out/blinking, there must be a short in the wiring, or possible a problem with the ignition switch.

It very well could be that you need a new power steering pump. Here is the web site for a very affordable place to get auto parts.

What do you think is up with the power steering?if it is a single serpentine belt then the spring in the tensioner is probably bad, or it's sticking....

the spring in the tensioner is self adjusting...

the tensioner is the pulley at the top that is not connected to anything....just a pulley on a bracket....What do you think is up with the power steering?the belt tensioner should be replaced

hope that helps

How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?

I have a car that we changed the water pump and alternator/air conditioning belt on. Now when I crank it it goes thump thump thump like its going to stop running at first. If I give it gas it sounds fine except the belt starts squeaking. After a few seconds it acts fine. It only does this when its first cranked and if its been itting for more than about 10 minutes since it was last cranked. When the water pump was changed it was very hard to get to. We had to take off the air filter, timing belt, Airconditoner belt. Im really sure the timing is right cause it drives really good. I was just wondering what could be causing this and how to fix it. Also how do I get the belt to quit squeaking? Thanks for your answers.How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?other than adjusting the belt ,which i would start there,you can also use a bar of soap and rub it on the belt for temporary relief of noise.How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?Tighten the belt

Replace the belt

Spray the belt with WD40How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?Re-adjust the tension of the belt.How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?Not sure the belt is the problem; you could try tightening up the pump, or spray a product you can get at an auto parts store called %26quot;belt dressing%26quot; that will help it.How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?check the belt tensionerHow do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?I would check the belt for fluid in the %26quot;tread%26quot;. Like; oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, etc. Usually a belt squeals when it's gotten wet with some sort of lubricant.How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?A very simple way you can try is that try to spray water over the belt ...most of the times it works..Pls check the whether the belt are too tight..if so adjust it.Because if the belt is too tight it may affect the water pump bearing also.


bahrainHow do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?i will need to readjust the beltHow do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?First: Lets assume that your problem is a squeaking belt.

One easy way to find out is to go to auto parts store and get a can of spray %26quot;Belt Dressing%26quot; about a 3.00 item

With your motor running spray alll the belts you can see.

Wear some protective eye wear when you do this.

If it is just the belt (being new) the squeaking should stop.

If that is not the problem, you may have your belts too tight and some adjustment is needed. Lets hope the spray works out for you. (oh by the way, the spray is good for lawn mower belts as well).How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?Put a little brake fluid on it. I bet it's a Mitsubishi. Enjoy.How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?Change or adjust the fan belt.How do I stop the squeaking of a belt on my car?A belt that has gotten antifreeze or water on will be noisy. With new belts, they will stretch and not pull and the sqeaking is due to slipage. New belts need to be retightened after two weeks and sometimes done two or three times before they settle in. If your car has an automatic tensionor (spring loaded) the spring may have lost its power, or broke, or the belt could be too long. The squeaking right at start-up is the altenator requiring the extra *unph* to put back into the battery what you took out on startup.

Is the thump, thump, thump at startup the engine turning over that hard? Did you double check your timing marks before and after your work? Have the timing checked.

Anyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?

I have a 96 toyota corolla. it's not a nice car, so i don't want to take it to a mechanic and pay to get it fixed. the problem is, the battery won't stay charged for more than 10 hours. just got a new battery, it went dead within 24 hours. i am going to try and troubleshoot myself with a multimeter on the fuses. my question is, what do I do once I find the battery leak? I don't see how finding the fuse leak will give enough info to troubleshoot the battery prob further.

if it makes any difference, i recently replaced the radiator and changed the alternator belt. thanks all.Anyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?Remove the negative battery terminal and place a test light between the terminal and the cable end. If there is a significant draw on the battery, the test light will light bright. (Be sure everything is turned off and all of the doors are closed.)

Now simply remove the fuses one at a time and recheck the test light in the same manner - when you remove a fuse and the light goes out, you have pinpointed the faulty circuit. If none of the fuses shuts the light off, remove the alternator positive feed and recheck the light.

Added: Once you find the faulty circuit, for instance, the interior light fuse - I would start by removing all of the courtesy bulbs. If that doesn't put the light out, you may need to get a wiring diagram and see if that particular circuit feeds any other components (such as a trunk light, under hood light, glove box light, instrument lights and so forth.)Anyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?you r suppsoe to charge it longer then 10 hours it is a car batteryAnyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?Take to auto parts store and let them test the alternator, they will tell you wheather it is the alt or not . Make sure all connections are tight and that your belt tenioner is not looseing its tension.Anyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?Well, the radiator should be a non-issue in this case.

But, when you changed the alternator belt, did you get it tight enough?

Also, the problems you are describing could be consistent with a shot alternator. Is it dying after 10 hours of running or after 10 hours?

Could also be an electrical leak in your car draining the battery while it's off. Especially on a car that age.

Assuming you're right, and the battery is losing charge, then just replace the battery. The way to see if that's the case simply is just to get the car running and make sure the battery is charged up all the way. Then shut off the car and take the battery out. Set the battery on the counter. Next day, put the battery back in and see how it performs after 12 or so hours out of the car.Anyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?FIRST THING I WOULD CHECK IS ALL THE MAIN BATTERY HOT WIRES TO SEE IF ALL THE INSULATION IS STILL ON THE WIRES THEN SEE IF ANY MAIN HOT WIRES ARE TOUCHING ANY METAL ANYWHERE IF UR WIRES ARE TIED TOGETHER WITH ZIP TIES CUFT THE ZIP TIES SEPARATE ALL THE WIRES AND ELECTRICAL TAPE THEM AND RE ZIP TIE THEMAnyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?first make sure altentaor is chargeing . . now to check for a drain . a test light . take off pos bat ternimal . put test light in be twin pos . bat terminal an pos cable . if lights up you have a drain shourt . now leve light hook up an pull fuses one at a time till light goeas out . an your drain is in that cirket. if not imporent cirket just leave fuse out or trace that cirket out till you find pos wire that is shorting out or fed backAnyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?now that you have a meter, the first thing to do is check the voltage at the batt with car running.

if the alt is working it will measure 14.5 volts or above.

if it reads 12.5 or 13 volts , the alt is not charging.

A working alt will charge a new batt in about 10 minuets.Anyone with knowledge on car batteries, please respond..?It's the alternator. Do a voltage test when running and if its not around 13.5-14.5 volts, then its a bad alternator.
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  • How much will a complete tune up cost on an 1993 model just purchased?

    I'm considering buying a 1993 mitsubishi eclipse with around 130,000 miles. He has apparently recently changed the alternator belt, the ac belt, radiator and put in a new battery. I want to keep this car running for a decent amount of time, hopefully past 200,000. If i want to keep it in shape exactly what other parts should i replace and how much will each part cost to install (I will not be preforming any repairs or replacements). How often should i replace these as well?

    Any other tips when buying a used first car from a private party, please share.How much will a complete tune up cost on an 1993 model just purchased?Have a mechanic do a complete inspection, especially on a high mileage vehicle. Get receipts and dates/mileage records for repairs made.Whatever car you buy, get a repair manual from an auto parts store for that car - it will have basic repair info, along w/photos. Look online at for car pricing and reliability infoHow much will a complete tune up cost on an 1993 model just purchased?Don't believe what the seller tells you about any repairs unless the seller has the receipts to prove the repairs were actually performed.

    There is no way to tell what any parts will need to be replaced.How much will a complete tune up cost on an 1993 model just purchased?lots of money

    "98" F150 belt tension problem. ?

    How do I loosen the belt in order to change the alternator? I was able to pull the older one and found the tension pulley, but the bolts just turns and the tension pulley will not give way or move. Am I missing something? Any help would be great, thanks...%26quot;98%26quot; F150 belt tension problem. ?there should be a place in the end of the tensioner arm to put iether a 1/2%26quot; or3/8%26quot; drive wratchet into to relieve the tension and thus install the belt%26quot;98%26quot; F150 belt tension problem. ?;98%26quot; F150 belt tension problem. ?if you find the tensioner,the bracket that the tensioner is on should have a square hole for a half inch socket to fit into,a breaker bar is the best to use for this,just put it in the hole and pull it till the belt is loose enough to come off,it is a high tension spring and you should only turn it about a quarter turn if that much,someone to help pull the belt off as you pull on the wrench would be a big plus.